Blocs questions -- folder structure? use <DIV> to specify bloc?

Exploring possibility to transition to Blocs.

1) Is it possible to easily specify folder structure, so that each page gets its own named folder?

My current site has a dozen distinct clinical calculator tools, and each one is currently in its own folder (named for the tool), so access to it is via The site has been up for more than a decade and I can’t break the links to each tool.

2) Is it possible to use a <DIV id="for_sidebar">...content...</DIV> to specify that the DIV contents be sent to a sidebar bloc?

My current site is made with RapidWeaver. Each calculator is a PHP script. With the RapidWeaver theme I’m using, I can include in the output of the PHP script <DIV id="myExtraContent7">info about the tool</DIV> and that info gets sent to a sidebar, while the remainder of the output is in the primary area.

With Blocs, would I have to separately use, for example, a code widget in a primary bloc for the main part of the tool, and a separate bloc for the info?


Your RW theme is using JavaScript to write your info into the extra content area. While this specific functionality is not available inside Blocs directly, you could write your own JavaScript functionality to transfer the information text to another place.

@Jannis Thanks so much for your responses, both to this post and to my other question posted yesterday. Am learning a lot about Blocs.

I’m embarrassed that I’ve been watching a dozen or two of those short Blocs videos and didn’t even release there was a bit of text documentation until you linked to it – I generally try to read the docs before asking questions. Will scan the rest of the text documentation before asking more questions.

Also, even though I’ve been using RW “extraContent” for years, I never looked into how it was done until your response. A quick Google and I found an example of JS that I could use to try to recreate that functionality in Blocs, if needed.

Thanks to your responses, I think I’ve learned enough to plan to purchase Blocs and give it a try!