Blocs + SEO Helper - info

Hi all,

I have the general release of Blocs 4 and not the plus version, but want to know if anyone uses the SEO helper which is built into the + version of Blocs.

Also if you do! how are you finding it?..I would like to see more info on this side of Blocs as I am interested as plugins like Yoast etc are so popular on WP that it would be good to see the Blocs SEO helper be developed to give lots of options.

Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @AdieJAM ,

As I’m building mostly WordPress focussed stuff, I’m using Yoast SEO. However, for my site, I did a plain HTML version with the SEO features of Blocs Plus. Everything seemed quite straight-forward and I’m not complaining about the ranking I’m getting so far. I’m also pretty sure I could score even better but that has to do with my personal SEO skills.


Thanks @brechtryckaert - so its worth having it for basic SEO?

I do all the basic things, but wasn’t sure how in depth SEO Blocs Plus is.

@Norm would it be worth you doing an in-depth video on this feature?

@AdieJAM SEO helper is helpful, but it’s quite basic. I think you already apply all of the settings it will recommend to you. (properly using keywords, headings, etc).

I would say the main reason to get Blocs 4 Plus is WordPress support, which I believe is fully worth it.


I think there is a minor cosmetic glitch with this function. It only turns blue and shows the white text after you type in the box.

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 12.13.56

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 17.44.15

If not, there’s nothing to check so you don’t need the button. Even the grey box shouldn’t be visible. :thinking:

Either way it looks wrong. I would expect to see the blue box by default.

This is the default style for a disabled button on MacOS :man_shrugging:


Perhaps MacOS needs to be more Blocs like.


Hi @Eldar - thought I replied to this, but cant see it !

I did say - thanks for posting, yeah I have seen what you did on this and was good, but wasn’t sure if there was more depth to it as hoping this SEO side of things could be expanded and more work being done on it to and bring it in line with something like a blocs version of Yoast. As its a paid upgrade to the standard Blocs I do hope this will develop more in time?.. @Norm any plans for the future on this?