Blocs Site Search Not working

Hey! Need some help. I have used the Blocs site search plugin on several projects and love it. However adding it to a current project I can’t get it to work. I have titles and SEO set on all pages and I’m not even using the exclude page bric anywhere on the site and nothing pops up when the site is published or in preview via blocs. I have it on several pages in the project. Any ideas whats up? Is it blocs, the plugin or me lol?

Pages with issues:

Using Blocs v5.1.4

it’s working fine on this site: Our Work which was built on the same version.

I tried removing all instances of it on the project and adding them back and still nothing. Any help appreciated.

Do you have the latest version of the plugin it was recently updated to work with custom URLs

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It doesn’t show an update available so assuming so. Using Version 2.0.0

yeah thats the latest version.

Just did a simple web browser inspect on your site and found there is an error in the json Blocs generates.

Looks like one of your pages uses “” in the description which is breaking the search.

“church bentonville”

Looks like it’s in the url description item for new-heights-bentonville-site.

I’ll add a little fix in the software to prevent this in future but for now a manual fix should do it for you.

EDIT: thats fixed up in build 8 of Blocs v5.2.

That worked! Thanks so much @Norm !

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Different question, but related to the customization. I’m utilizing the classes in the user docs to customize the search field, but can’t figure out how to keep the bluish outline from showing on user input. I have set it to the same green it is when not active, on both Active, and focus class variations. Is there another class I need to target? Can’t seem to find a different one in inspector.

Speaking of quotes, my site/project description contains an ' (apostrophé, or what it’s called), as in flips' Hideout.
Today I discovered that this broke the SMTP PHPMailer config, which uses Project Name as From name … (I also broke a VoltCMS module earlier by adding the same ’ there for RSS description.)
Maybe I could use HTML entities … :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Having an issue with site search again. Getting this error in the console:

The page Care Plans in your project has some characters in the page description that are breaking the search data file that Blocs generates upon export and preview.

Including descriptions in site search was recently added in V2.

If you head over to the Care Plans page in Blocs and remove the trailing characters after “Let’s get started!” (I think they are returns) and then re-export, you should fine the search will work.

I’ll take a look tomorrow and get a permanent fix in place.

Thanks @Norm

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