Blocs specialist wanted


I am considering converting our websites to flow.

We now use another web builder (VEV.DESIGN), but we have performance issues. WordPress is a good option (cost & common quality), but Blocs is an interesting option too.

Both websites are in two languages.

Who would be available for his?
Let’s connect for budget and timing .

Thank you!


I am sure some of the more skilled people in here would be able to help , but want to say the transitions on the trend force website would be something I have been wanted to create for a long time ! if anyone can assist - that would be great!!!

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Are you referring to WebFlow?
This is a well built and beautiful site. Could the performance issues be the where you Host the site? I mention that because a friend just moved from a shared service to a VPS. His site now is super fast. The speed test are just a couple digits from 100%.