Blocs Stability

So I’m just going to start updating my site, and will build anew from scratch in Blocs 3, but I’m unsure on it’s stability.
The forums are littered with B3 issues and I’m wondering should I use the lesser but stable B2.6.x or if the issues here are all related to Beta versions.

So, with stability in mind; Blocs 3 or Blocs 2?

Speaking personally, Blocs 3 is vastly better than Blocs 2 in terms of stability.

Blocs 3 has been very stable for me. It has had some bugs but Norm has quickly patched them. Norm also has started to use beta versions when adding new features. This helps keep the stable version stable.

You are going to have a learning curve using 3, but it’s totally worth the upgrade.

One thing I do suggest that helps when your rebuilding your current site. Once you create the new site and save it, move the exported img folder (images) to the new location. This will only move the image assets that you export. I also move anything (pdf) to the new location. A little different if your using hosted assets.


Just remember you have Blocs v2 (which runs alongside 3) so don’t make this an all or nothing situation. Take your time to rebuild your site in v3, don’t apply pressure to the situation as that usually ends in frustration.

Blocs v3 is way better but its also different.

Most forums are usually littered with problems, some genuine bugs, some user error, some inexperienced users. What is probably worth noting is the fact a lot of these issues get fixed pretty fast.

Just have fun, if thats possible :slight_smile:


In the meanwhile check out the new store.

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@Flashman :heavy_check_mark:
Been there; wallet in hand!!

Hi Casey.
Thanks for the prod.
I sync across all my assets as a habit, rename the export from Blocs as a full backup and save a copy to dropbox and (the most excellent) Sync cloud services.
More backups than a Brexit negotiator!!

Thanks @Norm.
I have all the time I want as I can leave my site running and set a concealed duplicate on my TSO host.
This should give me time to test it before going live.
I’m a patient patient.

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Good stuff :pray: