Blocs Store Improvements - February

We will be pushing regular updates to the Blocs Store in 2023. Last week we issued a new design which makes better use of space and just looks more modern.

This week we have a few improvements we wanted to make everyone aware of.

  1. Products now include a tag to help identify which ones are new and recently updated.

  1. Developers can now list products as supporting both Bootstrap 4 & 5.


Hi Norm, I lost my password for the store, entered my mail-address > System told me it was found but no link-message in my inbox … spam folders checked … help appreciated … Cheers, Christian

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I’ll get this fixed up

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Thanx, Norm. Worked.

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I like the store updates @Norm

Although, the Bric updated badge, is not so good on a white background :joy:

Leave it with me :face_with_spiral_eyes: