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Hello forum users,
I’m relatively new at Pulse CMS. I create my web pages currently with Blocs. I created a test page with Blocs and defined PulseCMS container. These also all work perfectly. Now I have defined a blog container in Blocs and re-uploaded the website. If I go to the page now, I will be shown the blog entries. Unfortunately, when I click on a post, I only get a blank white page. According to the browser, the HTML code is empty. Footer and header exist in Pulse.

I’m a bit baffled. Maybe someone knows the problem.

Kind regards

I have found if I don’t have a proper .htaccess file in the root folder, the blog/pulse does not work properly.

I’m sorry @Codiergott, unfortunately you’re another victim of the deception of Pulse CMS. They promise what we all dream about, but that reality does not exist.

My recommendation is that you practice a lot with Blocs and with a touch of creativity, you create a system that helps you. At the moment we do not have a real blog option, but I am convinced that it will come soon.

My recommendation is that like all of us, you asked for the money back; although I’m sorry to tell you, they will not either.

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…to follow up on Dreamsur suggestion, here’s an example of a blog made in blocs.

@Eldar also has lessons on how to create blogs in his BlocMaster series:

I’m trying to do the blog for a client. I need it to be editable by them. Has anyone had any luck embedding a 3rd party blog site into their website?

That’s correct, it’s a simulated blog, not able to be used for browser editing.

There is a developer in the blocs community who said he is making a blog CMS bric…not sure what the release date will be on that.

Have a look at Blogger and add the blog as an iframe? For now I use it and it works very well.

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Does that mean copy the html source code and insert it into Blocs 3 code editor?
Also does that mean someone, a client, could edit the Blog without Blocs 3?

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DanielF, I just saw your blog, it’s very nicely done!


Thanks! Its a reasonable work around, coming from Muse where a true blog was easy to achieve! And because I don’t post much, it’s really a static ‘look alike’ series of linked pages, without all the typical bells-n-whistles a true blog would usually have.