Blocs To Wordpress Coming Very Soon


Who wants a tool where you can simply import your bloc html export and have it converted into wordpress compatible format.

The program is nearly finished coming soon…


Sounds interesting but I thought Norm once suggested he had something similar planned, albeit as a future add on, rather than part of Blocs.


Looking forward seeing it! :ok_hand:t2:


That would be excellent. Presumably keeping the same formatting and orientation etc!!


Exciting can’t wait to try it :raised_hands:


I’d love to see it added to the core of Blocs but the ground work needed is still way off.


Sounds awesome!


When is Bootstrap 4 coming out with the new version of Blocs? It’s been out a long time. The features Bootstrap 4 affords users is a long overdue feature for Blocs. Thank you kindly.


See this thread: