Blocs trial for PHP? Tips for RapidWeaver transition?

I’ve been using RapidWeaver since 2012 to maintain a website of ~20 clinical calculators, each developed in PHP to take form-based input to return a page with calculations performed server-side.

I use RapidWeaver purely to apply some (very rudimentary) theming and to provide a responsive page to support both mobile devices + desktop browsers.

I’d like to transition away from RapidWeaver. The version I use is very old (v7 from ~2016), from before they went subscription-only, is no longer supported, and crashes intermittently.

I downloaded the Blocs trial a few minutes ago and am trying to figure out whether Blocs might serve my needs.


  • can the trial version of Blocs be used to test PHP? I assume not, because live preview isn’t recommended with Code Widgets, and the trial doesn’t seem to be able to export a standalone web page

  • are there obvious reasons why Blocs would be a bad idea for my use case?

Blocs seems great for developing beautiful sites, but I’m maintaining a site that exists purely for functionally presenting clinical calculators. It’s critical that site migration not cause issues, because clinicians use the site (~800,000 page views per month) for clinical decision-making. That’s why I’m less interested in cutting-edge CSS / theming as opposed to bare-bones, maximally accessible simplicity. (And, I have absolutely no design sense.)

Any tips or suggestions?

Welcome @jchou

Exactly, you won’t be able to test this.

No, that should work fine. The preview server inside the full version is also able to execute PHP.