Blocs using alignment questions


I seem to find the alignment of Brics more challenging that I was expecting and suspect I am missing something.

Anyone got any tips on how to use the bottom alignment (Flex end) of a Bric in a Bloc set to say, 50%vh?

@Norm Also, I feel there is an important Bloc missing, which is a full width Bloc with a side setting to set the height in px or %, so that a Bric can be added and aligned with all Flexbox options, within that Bloc.

I would say this type of structure has formed the basis of every site I have built over the last 5 years (using positioning instead of Flexbox).


I think there should be a new Bloc similar to the Structure 1 Column OR a couple of new drop down “padding” & height options in Appearance.

The current options are Fullscreen and various fixed sizes. The Fullscreen isn’t a padding setting really and is a 100vh or (Hero Bloc) with 20px top and bottom padding. This Hero functionality must be confusing for new users.

So what I think is required is Structure 1 Column with a %vh or px height, and options for the standard padding but also a custom padding where you enter a px or % applied to top and bottom.

This could alternatively be achieved by adding a height (% & px) option and a custom padding to the existing padding drop down for the structure Blocs.


@Norm Vertical row alignment.

I cannot get the vertical alignment to work with a row in a Structure Bloc.

On investigation, the problem appears to be that the Align Bottom option is being overridden by the

align-self: center;

Removing this allows the

align-items: flex-end !important

to align at the bottom. Albeit with the 20px bottom padding in bloc-fill-screen

padding-bottom: 20px;