Blocs v4 - wish list

I thought I made it clear already… examples: Photoshop, Ai, InDesign, Muse ( all Adobe lineup )
All these apps give designers a huge range of options related to design, to make their projects better and professional. More font options, more image options, (in the case of Blocs …more brics) more layout options…etc…etc… I think it’s pretty clear…

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Okay. I have no experience of muse.

Design software typically has few restrictions and layout is in a fixed space. Web software can be to a fixed layout, but most web design software is responsive adapting a design according to rules in a variable space.

The way those rules are determined is according to the capabilities of HTML/css and often overlaid by a framework that adds control over where Items can be placed in a hierarchy of containers.

Frameworks are restrictive and they impose structure where before there was a free for all in terms of placement. That structure helps designers deal with a HTML page that can be many different sizes and proportions. The structure created by a framework is even more important when pages are generated from templates connected to a database.

Blocsapp isn’t like a design program because it is dependent on the bootstrap framework that imposes rules and structure to item layout.

So blocsapp gives you structure and easy design convenience within that structure, within a resizable page while design programs give you freedom in a fixed page.

If freeform layout is your goal, blocsapp isn’t ideal. It’s doable but it would be working against the strengths of the software and will never match the ease of placement in a design program.

Essentially software you mention for design convenience is targeted to fixed pages while blocsapp provides structure to variable sized pages.

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what about more tools and options that can work with BS 4 or even 5? more font options, more image options etc… is that NOT possible in Blocs? is Blocs’ main market the developer or both designer and developer?

@Norm any options about this?

@newblocs More font options? How so? You can add and apply every google font you wish, or - if you need to follow the GDPR - use local fonts. No limits there. Can you elaborate what you mean with more font options? Use fonts like a Wordprocessor?

@pauland is right. The focus of apps like Bloc is not primarily on design and depends a lot on the framework they use (Bootstrap, UIKIT, Foundation …), if they use any. We might get more freedom should Blocs 4 come with support for CSS Grid, which is very likely.

If you want more freedom and possibilities, you might want to take a look at Pinegrow, though that needs a bit more understanding of code, despite its drag&drop capabilities. Or - for pure freedom in design - maybe Nicepage is the best alternative for you.

oh, thanks, I’ll check!

I guess you are a programmer.

I’ve used several frameworks in the past (Foundation, Bootstrap, UIKIT), always with several apps that let me use those frameworks. I keep myself informed and try to get a basic understanding of how HTML and CSS work, simply because I’m interested in learning how to get the most out of the apps I use. I might even try and delve into JS and PHP at some point.

Adding custom classes or scripts to e.g. Blocs or any other app for that matter is a lot easier, if you have a basic understanding of at least HTML and CSS. While I might be able to code a simple website by hand and style it accordingly, I would not call myself a programmer or coder. I still need - and prefer - to use a visual approach like Blocs and other apps offer.

If you prefer a pure design approach, take a look at Nicepage, or maybe even Sparkle or Everweb. I’ve tried those too in the past. But the more I get to know HTML and CSS, the more I want to be able to customise what I do in Blocs or RW.

And now - please - back to topic :wink:

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The topic is Blocs v4 wish list… I wished…but as you said it will not… so yeh, dissapointed…moving on

Blocs v4 will have a good mix for designers and developers.



That sounds promising. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done to Blocs :grinning:

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that’s what I want to hear! thanks @Norm
Finally someone with a logical answer!

By the way… I have checked other apps as @pumpkin mentioned and yes some of them are very good for full design people but I always thought Blocs has more potential and every time there was a Blocs update, I saw some more and more improvements so since @Norm posted v4 wishes , I was very excited to know if Blocs will have more things for DESIGNERS, I am so happy that will have and since I already got used to use Blocs why the change.

Fingers cross for Blocs v4!!! :clap: :smiley:

Great stuff. Can we see some features for e-commerce? Like Product Page template?

e-commerce features could be awesome :smiley:

@Norm will Blocs v4 have a feature that will make the website in different languages depending where you open it? such, someone opens a website made with Blocs v4 in Japan and it will be in Japanese while someone open it in Italy and it will be in Italian…and so on… how this works? thanks!!

Another wish! :slight_smile:
It could be nice to have a standalone option for hamburger menu. So you click on the hamburger icon and on the right side panel you have many options for this menu, colors, shapes, backgrounds, alignments etc,… Now seems that to make your own style you need to add class… will be possible?

@newblocs This can be done already with the addition of a small piece of code in your header. Ideally, you need the language to switch to the system language used by the browser. This is more accurate than geo-location. For example, you may have English-speaking visitors in say France who have their systems set up in English. Clearly, it would be better to redirect them based on their system language rather than the country they are in.

The code is fairly self explanatory:

<script type= "text/javascript">
var language = window.navigator.language;
if(language == "en-US" || language == "en-“gb || language == "en-CA"){
window.location.href = "“en;

else if(language == "de" || language == "de-at" || language == "de-li" || language == "de-ch" || language == "de-lu"){
window.location.href = "";

else if(language == “fr” || language == “fr-be” || language == “fr-ch”){
window.location.href = "”;

How this works

You would establish all the possible (or most common) language variants that a user may be using. For example, people who’s system is set up in English may have en-gb, en-us, en-au etc. So you add all the relevant variables in your “if” or “else if” statements. and direct them all to your English language site. Do the same for your other language variants. You can get a full list of the language codes from HERE.

Next, you would create the language variant websites and publish them to their respective directories on your domain - for example, your English site could be published to, whilst your French Language site could be published to

Finally, you would create a single index.html page to sit in the root of your domain (it could be a splash page of some sort or, just a blank page). In the head of that page, you would add the code above. This is important because you only want to run the code once when someone visits. You don’t want the code to be on every variant of your site as this will cause issues. You may like to consider a splash page containing a manual language switcher just in case, for some reason, a particular browser doesn’t redirect or, javascript may be turned off. In any event, you should place a manual language switching option on each of your site pages (in all variants) so people can get to an alternative language version if they so wish.

It may be a bit much to expect an automatic language switcher as a standard feature in blocs as there can be quite a lot of variations involved in the code - although I’m sure something could be made into a bric that collects all the variables and adds the code for you. (maybe something for a bric developer to think about).


A better workflow for animations
For example:

Can you add the code on the english version as the root page or?

What do you think about the my Hamburger suggestion?

Yes you can - just don’t add it to the other language variants. If you do, you may get looping if they get diverted to another page and subsequently choose a different language, which will annoy the heck out of your visitors!!!