Blocs v4 - wish list

Blocs v4 is still in the distance. But I thought it would be a fun discussion.

What are the top 3 features you’d love to see in Blocs v4?


An auto reply that deals with client emails. Apart from that I’d have to think about it.


According to this page Bootstrap 5 isn’t that far away Bootstrap 5 & Vanilla JavaScript - Free Material Design UI KIT


The ability to reorder pages in alphabetical order.


Hello @Norm

here my top 3 Feature requests from user perspektive :slight_smile:

  1. Blocs which sync globale on button press, so that if you make a change to a saved bloc, this change will be sync to all pages in a project.
  2. More class editor settings (z-index, calc,…)
  3. Upload bric for the form

Great suggestions.

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  1. version control for bric making
  2. wordpress version also supports plugin creation from custom brics
  3. repeatable fields in api

1.shape dividers, wysiwyg web builder 14 now has it and does it well
2.a good cms (wordpress)
3.better brics in the store
4.better ecommerce integration


What type of Brics do you wanna see in the store?

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animated progress bars and counters would be awesome!


Well, I’ll throw this out there as there’s tons of things that have changed & I know us devs need more handholding. So how about a dedicated weekly time to live chat w/ Norm about code issues and how to make better brics and what api features need to be reworked. I’d be happy to host it on Zoom (40mins max) if more than 2 of us. I’d like to work on updates and new stuff, but email and forum posts just aren’t viable for real code discussions :wink:



Even though I can not use Blocs v4 due to having to use El Capitan, I would say a

HotKey that would hide /unhide the two side bars. Maybe there is one already and don’t know it. :wink:

Color code in the Navigator for the Blocs pages.

Make it easier to edit text areas. Maybe something more visual to say you can edit the areas.

Is there some way of Image Asset Manager showing the file location without Right
Clicking, cause that would be cool.

Definitely more control parallaxing effect. Such as timing, movement, fading… ect.

More built-in Web Fonts

Make Blocs 4 more WYSIWYG we are working live. Like more of what a Safari preview would look like.

Copy & Paste any Bloc, Bric or any element to a different location, even if it is on a different Bloc.

Easy access to change any part of the Toggle Menu.

Built-in SVG to control or change any setting.

I’ll think of some more be patient. :wink:

  1. Native CMS
  2. Ability to put pages in folders

More CSS options. Even if we had an advance box in the manager where we can write additional CSS (against an actual class), since there are so many. A highlight would be z-index :slight_smile:

Better iCloud handling - at present (and I do not know if this is a limitation on the MacOS) if your project files are on iCloud and not local it crashes when trying to open the project file.


wow that is quick.

  • auto reply
  • z-index
  • Joomla! Template export

Native CMS with sync capabilities Blocs > CMS > Blocs


I’ll investigate the iCloud issues.

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In an ideal world I’d love this too. But I doubt any small company could dedicate this kind of time on a weekly basis. But I do like the idea, I’ll see what is possible with the madness that is my work schedule.

I would add this, the Blocs API has been in a work in progress state for over a year now and that will soon no longer be the case.

With the completion of the API expect to see, more functions, docs, example projects and resources. I’ve also got plans for a few tutorials on how to make your first Bric.