Blocs v4 - wish list

This I agree…a native CMS app that syncs with BLOCS

  1. Native browser automatic Light/Dark mode feature (Obviously, there is a huge hype about it in the industry. It will be a popular trend for 2020 and it adds great value to every website which supports it. It could be also a real differentiating factor for Blocs as well amongst the other visual website editors.)
  2. Bootstrap 5
  3. iPhone and other Apple device refreshing

What do you think about these suggestions @Norm and fellow designers/developers?


A good way to create hero / carousel slider with images, texts, backgrounds and links

An auto active state option to avoiding different menus on each page just for the active state

  1. E-commerce Bric: a brief but complete solution to include PayPal payments.
  2. See pont 1.
  3. See point 2.

Everybody wants new and better brics. :grinning: If you want more and better basically just vote for my api improvements because it all starts there. But that would be big picture thinking and most folks just want what they want. :wink:


I have 4 wishes :smiley:

  1. Image to Lightbox with Vimeo/youtube (with setting for lightbox size)

  2. Auto save each 5 min, and save a copy each 10 min. (with settings to set time for each)
    would be fantastic if a product gets messed up or broken.

  3. Support for WebP images.

  4. Have two projects open and copy/paste blocs between them.

Cheers :nerd_face:


Thank you @Norm to open this suggestion thread and wanting to know our ideas.
Here are mine:

Blocs features

  • Better pages panel: reorder pages, order pages, view by thumbnails or list
  • Ability to open more than one doc at once to …
  • … duplicate elements between the docs (like f.e. in Photoshop from the “Duplicate”-Menu)
  • Export the pages as a PDF (sounds silly but clients need those to make f.e. annotations)
  • Make the areas of navigation, body and footer visible all the time or available by a menu (like we can turn the grid on and off)
  • Available hover css-effects on pictures
  • A more free customizable navigation area (f.e. to have the menu items split on the left and right without workarounds)
  • More states on the sticky elements: f.e. navigation stays sticky while scrolling, followed by one element from the body area which stacks below the nav after scrolling some px, or that element pushes the nav or other stacked and sticky elements away
  • Opacity indicator (maybe on the canvas) after you change it to brics. As for now after once you have changed it you have to guess it afterwards.

Blocs brics

  • “Scrub” transition to image slideshows (Cargo just added it too)
  • Slideshows with more or customizable transitions (f.e. a ongoing slider without a stop inbetween)

I hope you find some inspirations here.


I actually have four. Hope that isn’t too greedy.

  1. Native CMS
  2. WebP Support
  3. Unsplash Integration for more Copyright-Free Stock Images
  4. Page Folders

I’d be careful of that one. How Using Unsplash Got This Photographer Into Legal Trouble


Wow. That’s really concerning. I usually just cite the ‘supposed’ photographer below the image but now that I know this, I’m definitely going to re-examine my current workflow.

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Gramerly Support Blocs for me is a direct publishing tool but it is so easy to make silly spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that go straight to a live site.

The ability to co-work on a site - my spell checker is remote


Hi, loving the software.

One addition that I can think of - the ability to save form entries to an excel spreadsheet.or similar.

There is a workaround (just in case anyone wants to do this now and didn’t realise it) using the print menu. Open the page in your browser (view > preview in browser or ⎇+⌘+b), ⌘+p to print and look down in the lower left of the screen to the PDF menu. There you can either save the pages as a PDF or send them straight out in Mail. You have to do them one at a time though for now.


Hi Norm , these are my wish list:

  • language according to geolocation
  • Tumult Hype + Blocs ( I know someone replied me about this how to do this but it’s way complicated, can it be something as simple as drag-and-drop feature) -create a hype widget (like for ibooks u know?) and then can insert that into a bric… I remember MUSE using this similar feature super simple.
  • carousel gallery. gallery brick that it’s also a carousel so you can add more pictures and people just swiping right or left.

My wish list is that Norm keeps improving Blocs one upgrade at a time…It’s already a very capable app that just keeps getting better with each version. Thanks You!



I totally agree.
Well said Casey.

  1. Better handling of inline text styling (bold, list, etc.)
  2. Global swatches: native apple color picker is buggy.
  3. Global swatches: at the present to edit a swatch you have to double-click on a swatch to open the color editor. If you have something selected on the page, the color is applied to that selection. Solution: right click on swatches brings up a select box with “edit, delete” duplicate".
  4. Class editor: it would be nice to be able to directly select a global color swatch.

Theses are not animated

What would you expect to trigger the animation of the bars? You can easily animated them with custom JS, it’s just more practical to write your own functions and then animate the loading bar as part of your functions process.

  1. you can also edit a swatch by simply clicking the well in the top left corner of the global swatch window. I could also add the context options.