Blocs v4 - wish list

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Fantastic if this could be implemented.

Norm, mentioned in that post it is coming. :grinning:

@KBConcepts I think he is referring to the style attribute support.

Set the output publish directory so when you do a Command E you don’t have to click any dialog buttons that pop up, Blocs just simply publishes all updated files to the directory.

Look what Norm share on his Twitter page.

my wish list request : more image gallery options - one below is very nice!

what is it?

sorry, you have to scroll to >pages > then portfolio

Isotope filtering is rather straight forward, you can do it in blocs.

Here is an example

I’ve used this one a few times.

I can just about manage to click a bloc or bric icon ! Coding beyond me,…

Yeah a file view sort of but one where I can use the new iCloud file sharing to let clients or proof readers make text adjustments directly and even better non distinctively flag areas with comments. Currently I get a text email back like: sailing page, 3rd row down, second use of “pilot”, the i and o are backwards.

It would be so much easier if they could just fix it. Without it costing £100 per person helping us out and having to hand over access to the structure and styles etc

Hi @Norm! As a new user, these are some of my thoughts on features that would help me better use Blocs:

  1. FTP publishing (I use now) to reduce a workflow step.
  2. Native CMS support for simple blog hosting and changes. The Volt CMS looks easy to use and very promising once blogging is added to the feature set. I read Wordpress support may be in the works. I have had issues with Wordpress in the past: updating to latest WP installs, site hacking and security, so I am not very comfortable with that as a solution.
  3. adding custom icons/vectors to the library
  4. Support for MacOS versioning with blocs project files (and an autosave feature). I am very good about saving as I go and I backup my Mac hourly to both TimeMachine and an online backup service, but had a moment the other day where I would have liked to go back to an older saved version from 10-15 minutes back. I was reminded about versioning later when I used it in Pixelmator Pro to resurrect the older saved version of the photo I needed.
  5. ability to reorder the pages in the sidebar (as others have mentioned), and I will add an old iWeb feature to that request…changing navigation bar link order based on the page order in the sidebar.
  6. List view, folder tree, or smaller thumbnails for the pages in the sidebar
  7. Some basic image manipulation tools (crop, mask, resize)
  8. Export an embedded asset from within blocs. Let’s say you embedded photos/assets in a project and lost the original, but want to use it for something else. You could save it to finder directly from the assets manager vs having to export the project and then search through the export folder.
  9. Including some type of stock photo library. I’ve read the comments about Unsplash, so maybe not them, but something.
  10. eCommerce integration, specifically Square ( Right now you can build an online store within their portal via Weebly, but it’s very limited.

Overall, I have really enjoyed working with Blocs and appreciate all your hard work on making it a very powerful platform!

Thank you!

  1. folders / directories
  2. Built in FTP
  3. GDPR

Folders / Directories
this is a great feature specially for multilingual site or blogs. if we can add some pages to a category or folder that will give great option to have

Built in FTP

I know the developers are going to hate this idea but hear me out :stuck_out_tongue:
RapidWeaver, dreamweaver etc do provide builtin ftp which is great for updating websites
I give blocs a try because of its clear code export and does not require foundry or other 3rd party themes to start building. this is not what blocs do right now and I do not expect but if it does it can be the new permanent alternative to dreamweaver for many of us


Blocs does provide an excellent & simple cookie notification brick. However as you know GDPR is really important for websites dealing with EU clients. if you can add RapidWeaver like feature which hold all tracking and analytics until client accept cookie

Thank you in Advance :slight_smile:

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@Hotel You can turn on folders simply by selecting the clean url export option. That places each page index file in a separate named folder.

RW has always had lousy FTP functionality in my experience and not just limited, but downright unreliable. I lost so much time that I eventually gave up and exported to a local folder before uploading with a separate client, much like I do now with Blocs. Some of these are even free so I really don’t see the difficulty.

A key problem I see with this is that there are so many server peculiarities and very few of us would want time dedicated to supporting users with FTP upload issues, rather than improving Blocs as a whole.

If you add the Cookie bric I believe that stops all tracking and analytics until accepted. That was my experience when I tested it using an external audit.

thanks Flashman,

my experience with RW export was positive never had an issue

now what I did is start using GitHub desktop to auto synch the repository for website which is hosted on was or netlify

but have to create 2 different folders 1 to export blocs site and other for GitHub

as every time I export blocs site it replace the existing folder which results in deletion of GitHub repository on my local folder

is there a way to export files instead of whole folder using blocs

do you think a GitHub integration might be on its way with blocs

or tales a folder which can export folder without deleting GitHub repository files

Thanks in advance for looking into my request

I’ve never hosted on Github, so I cannot really give you much insight there. I can’t say I’ve heard of any plans in that area, but Norm should see your request in this thread. Not being familiar with Github for uploads could you export to another location and then extract the files you want?

GitHub pages is the best unlimited free hosting with fastly-CDN

and it is a great solution for static sites

we also use it for code share, collaboration and version control

as I use GitHub as a middle man to automatically push site from private repository to AWS or netlify.

I currently copy exported site files of blocs app from the folder and then paste it to GitHub repository on local folder

if there were a way blocs app can export files to existing repository folder on Mac without replacing whole folder that will save me many hours per week of extra work.

and I believe this is helpful for many blocs users since there is no built in ftp server

they can simply use GitHub desktop app to push the updated files to repository

thanks in advance

Can you confirm this @Norm that no Cookies are actually being loaded UNTIL the click on „OK“ with your Cookie Consent Brick?
That would be so cool… :slight_smile:

That is a really important question, because the cookie consent regulations are getting more and more complicated… :see_no_evil:

Blocs app doesn’t use any cookies by itself.

So the cookie bric isn’t able to prevent other software to install cookies. It’s just a notice.

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If you use git and a visual git client, you actually see all changes before commit.