Blocs vs WordPress with DIVI & Elementor

Been busy with our group testing 5 different websites each built with the same number of pages and exact amount of same content. Each site five pages.
Ea h site was built within the “out of the box” limits if each platform. With Word Press we used two popular page builders and with and without the aid of the fastest themes to compare against Blocs.

We used one self hosted video, one contact form, three buttons, and a host of other elements including the same fonts, amount of text same number of large 1600 wide images, 1024, 450, and 150 images all the same file sizes for each of the projects.

We looked at the Export file size in both MB and examined the amount of code as well as the architecture, structure scheme etc.
We tested the speed of page loads of each website for each page. Page load speed has a huge effect on SEO ranking and customer engagement.

We also just couldn’t help ourselve. It was (not part of this experiment but we looked at timing how long it took a new user to build each site vs an expienced user. Quite fun!!!
I will report the findings in the next week or two…


Any update on the results of this test? Very interested. THanks

I have done the same, elementor offers the best experience and add ons but its bloated like crazy! You have to have an seo plugin, cache plugin, and more to equal what blocs gives you out of the box. Blocs allows everything except shape dividers and a few of the fancier plugins and you get better code. Hopefully blocs 4.0 brings shape dividers, z index and more better blocs in the store next year

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I’m dividing my time between Divi and Blocs these days - they both create great code, and fast websites. The interfaces are also very similar, so not much friction jumping between the two, and both create very fast websites!

UPDATE - I meant Oxygen Builder not Divi… was working on a Divi project for a client when I wrote this…

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Divi’s code is awful! I’ts built using short codes and if you don’t have Divi installed then your site is toast! just like elementor. The best to compare with blocs would be oxygen. Its builds pure code not bloat but has a major learning curve

Sorry! I meant Oxygen and Blocs… I do have a client that has me build Divi sites, and was working on one when I wrote the above… When I do Wordpress projects, and have a choice of what to use, it is almost always with the Oxygen Builder - produces very clean/fast code