Blocs with October CMS / Page not found!

I’ve created a page with Blocs and converted a text section to October CMS. If I now export the template as an October CMS template and upload via FTP. And then activate and look at the website, I get the error message “Page not found!”.

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Have you found a solution?

I installed demo 3.07, then found out that it does not allow export to October CMS. I wanted to try before my company buys, so I sent to someone I found in irc to export the site for me. I add the exported to OctoberCMS Themes folder, activate it and get “page not found” error. Default theme on October works.

Your could also allow export in demo with watermarks over images or lorem ipsum instead of text. I read on the forum that october cms is not very well supported, so I wanted to try before I buy.

Ok, I found out what was wrong. You have to define Octobercms in project properties (click on the settings icon near project name). And then I had to experiment with all the different settings for export unchecking some, otherwise it was not working. Finally got it to work unchecking minify html and Cache bust CSS and JS.

Not happy that it took me ~1 hour to do this as there was no-one explaining anything in forums or youtube.

Hope this helps the next guy with same problem.

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@kraukliz These may help in some way also if you had not seen them previously.

Thank you so much for sharing this! It was driving me nuts for two days and couldn’t figure it out! :woman_facepalming:t4: :sweat_smile: