Blocs with Pulse CMS


I have build a test site to get my head around using Pulse with Blocs but when I save the site as a Pulse template and publish to the web only the home page displays. If I click any of the navigation links for other pages (which work in the none Pulse template version) I get an error “The requested URL /gallery was not found on this server.”

If any anyone with experience of using Pulse with Blocs could help by pointing out what I’m doing wrong I would really appreciate it.



Make sure you have the correct FTP settings set up to use pulse. There are specifics required that’s outlined in the Pulse docs.


I can’t see anything in the docs specifically for ftp other than for the Serif app. I have followed the directions for installing Pulse on my server.


@norm just trying to test pulse and I have a shared web hosing service. I upload all the sites to the public.html folder. Should I install in the main root folder or in the folder of the website I’m going to be using pulse.



I think this is the same question as answered here :slight_smile: