Blocs Wordpress Developer Plugin

Folks the Blocs Wordpress Developer plugin has been published at, so you can now search and find it via Wordpress installations.

Wordpress Developer Plugin


Guys, let’s give it some love. Leave a review here:


Just seeing this, I’ll be sure to drop a note before too long.


never used Wordpress before. What it does the plug in?

It allows you to live preview your Blocs developed theme.

You install it into a Wordpress site and it lets Blocs pull in the content from the site into Blocs so you can build themes for sites with the content from the site so you can preview with real data in the theme pages as you build them.

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got it! thank you guys!

Can I export my Blocs site to WordPress directly? Or do I need some other 3rd party app like this one -
Is it any good? Looks like it was not updated for some time.

I look forward to the video explaining the creation of the WP themes.

You don’t need any third party app, but neither can you simply convert a Blocs site to WP. Instead you will create a theme inside Blocs, which is then exported to WP. That will cover your elements like colours and choice of fonts. From there you build the content using WP.

Thanks. So I basically I can create the web page as Theme, will delete text etc, keep the images as theme backgrounds and then will copy paste the text into the theme in WP as a new content ? Thank you. Also, how can somebody on PC preview my progress and see the web build progress on his computer? Is there an easy solution? Can I just send him the web export so he can preview it his PC browser? Sorry for a newbie Q.

First you have to start a new project and set it as a WP CMS, then create a WP defined page, otherwise it would just be like a normal Blocs page. You should be able to include background images within a theme, but be aware that they would then appear on every page by default.

You could always publish the site online with WP to view normally with any browser and there is an option to password protect the pages if you want to keep them generally hidden.

I am relatively new to WP myself and it does take a little while to understand. For me the trickiest part is not the Blocs side and creating the theme, which is actually rather easy. The harder part is dealing with WP Blocks (Gutenberg) and adapting to that change.

You can build Wordpress Themes directly in Blocs with the additional Blocs Plus features. This free video course will teach you the basics of building your first theme.

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Thank you for the tip. Hmm, I thought it would be much easier. Looks like that the Blocs to WP app is useless then. I think I’ll just design the page in Blocs without animations and then re-create that in WP using resources which will be already in the Blocs Library. Double the work, but I have to deliver the final web in WP as the client is PC based.

Will definitely check. Thank you.


can you connect a woo commerce store to the blocs WP theme?



No reason why not. It’s just a plugin and Blocs created themes are simply applied to normal WP sites.

thanks flashgun that’s great info. much appreciated. So I assume Wordfence plugin will work as well.



apologies Flashman, auto correct changed your name to Flashgun!



No worries, autocorrect can be a pain. There are others here who are far better versed in WP than me, but from what I can gather pretty much any normal WP plugin will work with a Blocs generated theme just like any other.