Blocsapp alternative for Windows? Or elsewise, Blocs in Windows?

Are there any similar apps to Blocs thats available on Windows 10?

There seem to be a few web based html editors out there that functions similarily to blocs, but none that have as much functionality as what Blocs does. So, if you’re on Windows, dont know any html and want to make a website. What are your options really?

Ofc, there is Elementor for WordPress which seem to come with quite a lot of functionality, but I dont quite like that it has a subscription based license. Then I’ve found something called InVision Studio, which seems quite great but is only for prototyping and wont give you any html at the end of the day.

Otherwise, have anyone here tried running Blocsapp using something like VirtualBox on Windows? And if so, how does it actually run?

Blocs is Mac only and no plans that I know of to make it available for Windows. I really couldn’t tell you about any Windows apps for web design. Blocs will soon have the ability to export to Wordpress without all the bloated code that typically comes with page builders.

Just a recommended option, not a plug for another product. If you don’t mind using standard template blocks to create a website and you don’t need the flexibility offered by Blocs app, you could check out MobiRise. Although it’s built on the Bootstrap framework (like Blocs), you do have limited customisation options. The good news is that it is free and does come in a Windows version. Of course, you could always go out and invest in a Mac!

Hey thanks for the replies :slight_smile: Seems like I didn’t get any notification on my mail so I didn’t see them until now.

Yeah, I’ve heard aboyt Mobirise, tho like you’re saying it doesn’t seem to offer the same kind of flexibility/functionality, which is kinda what Im looking for in the first place (Otherwise I would just be using WordPress templates or smth).

What I really like about Blocsapp is how it really lets you build your websites from scratch and seem to have much more advanced features like animations well integrated which I havent yet to find any alternative software that seems to bring the same functionality on the same level (And at this point Ive probably spent close to 10 hours searching :+1: ).

Well, heh I do actually have some macBook Pro from 2016 which my dad bought for me several years ago (Which I literally only use for streaming movies lol) but it would def. be to my preference being able to use my Windows desktop as it brings more compute power and as well as that I have all my important files and softwares on my Windows Desktop (Im doing game development on my freetime, and wish to make a website where I can collect all my future projects and make them available in one place as well as give people some insight of of the making of the projects and the people behind them (Something in style with this: ) ).

So as all my game development is done on the Windows platform it would require an extra step of transferring all the content I wish to upload to my mac, kinda killing the workflow a bit. I will also likely wanna make all my icons myself in my 3D software (Blender) (Which I dont even wanna try running on my macbook as macs tend to let themselves overheat from my experience)


But at the end of the day, if there really is no software that brings what blocsapp brings, tons of flexibility and customizability eliminating the need of templates completely I guess these are sacrifices worth taking. I’ve also been thinking about using something like VMWare or VirtualBox on my desktop instead (Just so that I wont have to switch monitor and keyboard, and to get the performance benefits of my desktop - assuming that VirtualBox actually lets you use a decent amount of CPU cores and that it lets macOS accelerate nVidia GPUs well)

Windows is afterall the most popular personal computer-OS out there

Honestly after all this time I’ve spent looking for alternatives Im starting to question if there even are any that gives you as many features as Blocsapp does.

It’s obviously true that Windows has far more users than Mac, but not in creative fields. Walk into design agencies, print houses and photography studios etc. You’ll find 90% of users are running Macs.

@WillyWonka I think your only alternative is to use something like Bootstrap Studio. It does require a greater deal of coding, but it is a visual editor based on the bootstrap framework. Available for Windows and Mac. It’s not as intuitive as Blocs, but it may suit your purposes.


Not so sure I would agree about that :woman_shrugging: I rarely see people using Macs for digital content creation

I’ve only been working in these areas for 30 years, so maybe I haven’t seen enough.


Not sure how technical you are but have you tried going through the Hackintosh route? I know a few developers that do this to get the best of both worlds and nowadays you don’t have to worry about finding your own supported kernel and kext extensions.
It looks like the clover community builds automated tools similar to my OSXH patchers and dosdude1’s Catalina Patcher

I did try tonymacx Hackintosh several years ago (Like 2017), ran fine for several months (Tho some ports didnt work and I had really bad audio quality, which wasnt very ideal in the first place). Then one day my motherboard wouldnt post, had to bring it in to the hardware store where I bought the PC parts where they replaced the mobo, took it back home and used it for several days and then it would refuse to post again. After that they replaced the mobo again, and I who suspected it probably was related to me running macOS uninstalled the disk image for it and started running Windows only (I didnt really have anything important on my macOS disk image at the time). Never had any issues with the system since, so tho I cant be 100% certain it most definetely looked like it was something related to macOS preventing the mobo from reaching post.

So I wouldnt really dare to install anything like it again, especially as everything ran fine for several months at first before I started getting what seemingly was hardware failures caused by macOS. Might of been some bad kext file that I had installed or something alike, but even if that was the case I wouldn’t wanna take any chances. Despite, that, Im using nVidia GPUs and I’ve heard there are no longer any macOS drivers for modern nVidia cards anyway

Thanks for the suggesting it tho! Would of looked into it if it wasnt for my past experience :slight_smile:

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Just saying a Windows version wouldn’t hurt.

Found this poll btw:

And I’ve worked in various studios since 1983 and they’ve been completely Mac-ed up! Not a Windows pc in sight.

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There isn’t one that even comes close.

Unfortunately this topic has become a bit of a target for spammers and isn’t really relevant to Blocs, so I think it is better to close it.