Blocsapp and Pulse Problem!

Hello @Norm and @pulsecms and anyone else with has the same problem …
I do a Site in Blocsapp, and use the feature of doing a Blog with Pulse Cms. I export the Site, and when the page is online I have no Meta Description for the site. In blocs I set the SEO Title, SEO Keywords AND SEO Description. But the description are missing ?!? Why? I lost my Number one place in google …

Another question: When I do an export, there are a lot of features … what is the best when I use blocs and pulse ?

last question: When I check the code I see a lot of mistakes in Safari ? See screenshot… A Problem ?






Thanks for your help :blush:

Are you exporting as a pulse theme??

It also looks like some assets are missing, this may be due to the htaccess used by pulse.

Yes, I choose “export as” - “pulse cms 5” …

@norm any other idea? can I put the text direct into the html page ? Do I need another app for this ?

I have also set the settings ( at the menu at the top of the page ) to pulse cms , so I can do a export automatically to pulse cms , but than blocsapp crashed … I have to restart … :thinking:

I also checked two other sites I have done with Blocsapp and Pulse … the same problem … No description …

thanks tom

I don’t have a solution to the issue Tom, but I had a similar problem with Pulse. Despite the efforts of their support people, they couldn’t get my site to work with their CMS so I had to abandon the whole idea. Hopefully, a solution will present itself. If it does, I will be keen to know what it is.

Is the site actually loading your template? but just not showing page descriptions?

Yes! Everything works fine … only the description …

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Ok, Ill try and get in touch with Michael from Pulse hey may be able to see whats up.

I was unaware of this issue.

I’ve just looked at the source code for the PulseCMS version of my DerekDigital site, and the description has certainly vanished. When I looked at the code for the CushyCMS version of the same site, the description remains.

If you can let us know what Michael says @Norm, that would be brill! Thanks.

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@Norm and @DerekDigital hello, I go to my pulse dashboard and open direct my index site inside pulse. There I see only code …and meta files. There I see my description. I don’t change anything …I only click on save. And than I got my description in the code inside the browser …BUT than in my page I see the code that I seen before in the pulse dashboard … strange … so I have to upload the template and content new. When you click save, the description looks good and the page. But after closing safari and look again on the page I see that code stuff …really strange :thinking:
That problem I wrote pulse cms in a email. At the moment no answer …

Hi, I got a mail from pulse cms. That issue will be fixed in the next update … so the description works …

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