Blog with PulseCMS Have blog setup, if you login to pulse, you can add new blog posts, etc. Everything seems fine, until you try to scroll thru the blog posts. Comes up blank. I’ve also posted on the PULSE site, I’ve republished, cleaned it out, reloaded Pulse, published again. Same thing every time.

Moved some files around and got it kind of working. Once you click on the blog, you wind up in Blog Land and there is no “back” to the main page, real confusing?

The way Pulse is integrated with Blocs, you have to Pulse in the root domain. You have it in a “sub-domain” right now -> “/test/pulse”

Thanks, Pulse said that would change with Blocs 3.3 or somthing like that.

Well, I’ve tried it at the domain level and in a subfolder (test) of a domain. Same result no matter what I do. First page looks fine, then you scroll to the 2nd page and it looks weird, images I didn’t upload, can’t get back to the first blog page. Maybe it’s suppose to act like this? If so, it’s not very friendly. ( is the install at the root level, does not seem to matter)

Another example of the relentless quality of Pulse CMS. I believe that after 1 year and a half, several lost clients and invested money that I will never recover … I have never seen a Pulse CMS project, with a modern, functional and modern design. Come on I think that before Pulse CMS works, I learn to program Laravel.

Good luck @kbclovett!

@Dreamsur I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t work out for you and Pulse, but that is definitely not the case for everybody. I have been using Pulse for a few years on client sites, (both Pulse 4 and Pulse 5) and have about 30 websites right now working just fine with Pulse integration, with blogs, photo galleries, client editable pages, etc. I do a lot of work in WordPress as well, but when given a choice of what to use, it is almost always a website with Pulse CMS integrated into it.

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I think you’ve made your point about Pulse CMS now. Can you please report problems for Pulse in their forum. It’s more productive :+1:


Hi @Raimo and @Norm
is there a way to set a blog like this:
without wrap in pulse

wrap in pulse (block)

but when I set it to blog that happens:

any ideas ?
thanks tom


I found a Solution.
I set a class and the width for example 70% …

Wow @Raimo! So many websites designed on Pulse CMS, and I still have not had the pleasure of seeing one!

Do you have a modern project that uses the mansory blog of Pulse CMS? I would love to see it. :partying_face:

Unfortunately @Norm, I’m sorry to spread the benefits of Pulse CMS, but this forum is the only one that is open to reality, the official Pulse CMS forum is closed. You can not write anything, only Michael can write. And I think that everyone has the right to know reality.

I would love you to consider my contribution, both for the good and the bad.

You know that he has not spoken yet in this forum, they have tried to defend him without any proof, and I am writing to him in the corresponding forum but privately (because he decided not to publish it) and without giving me any solution.

I apologize personally and I appreciate your understanding.

Ummm - I don’t use the “masonry blog” as i prefer the more traditional blog layout,

But here are a few links to Pulse CMS sites first two with links directly to the “blogs”, hopefully they are “modern” enough for you:

As for the Pulse forum and support, I have always found it to be top notch! I have posted in the Pulse CMS forum many times (it has never been “closed”…), and both Michael and his team at Pulse, and Norm here at Blocs have been great! One of the biggest reasons I continue to prefer this combination to any others. I have just started switching my new builds to Blocs, so most of my older websites started elsewhere, but have a few new Blocs/Pulse ones coming real soon!

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Dear friend @Raimo,

I do not blame you for wanting to justify the unjustifiable. But the community of blocks knows well that I would not pronounce myself in this way, if I did not have enough reasons to do it, since I feel cheated and I still feel cheated by you.

You say you have done many projects with Pulse CMS, but you only show me 4 webs, only 2 with blogs … but after the analysis, it’s funny, what I find.

Congratulations for handling RapidWeaver so well! That’s right, with the theme of Foundation, to use the Stack plugin. Great job. Yes sir!

I really feel sorry for @Norm, but it seems like a tease, this whole thing.

Pulse CMS, it does not work. The options do not work and if, dear friend, Michael is not able to give the service a worthy service to users.

I’m sorry @Raimo, but you do not give it to me. :wink:

@Dreamsur I said in my post that my previous sites were done elsewhere, as I have just started using Blocs as my main website builder - the last link is a Blocs site.

  • You are right I only put up 4 links, I could send you many more, but what is the point?
  • Pulse actually works better with Blocs than Rapidweaver, because you can actually create Pulse CMS templates with Blocs, you can’t do this with Rapidweaver. This is one of the main reasons I am converting my new builds to Blocs, and will be redoing a few of the old Rapidweaver/Pulse ones in Blocs/Pulse as well. And btw, the blog functions exactly the same in both, just have to add the right Pulse tags
  • I have 2 more Blocs sites (including my own), with Pulse CMS going live in the next couple of weeks, and both will have blogs. I am cheating a little bit as I learn, using some of @Eldar excellent templates on these first few sites
  • The only real issue I have run into so far with Blocs/Pulse is being careful not to overwrite the Pulse “Content Blocks” when I upload changes from Blocs. Just to be safe, the only folders I upload now from the Blocs export is the entire “template” folder, the “content>pages” folder and the “content>blocks>main” folder.
  • One other thing I am doing a little differently, I am not using the “Pulse bric” for content areas, and instead I use an “html widget” populated with “Pulse CMS Tags”. All content editing is done through the Pulse Dashboard instead of Blocs. (a pic of one of my Blocs/Pulse pages is attached below)

I’m sorry you couldn’t get it to work, but telling lies (like the Pulse Forum is shut down, it’s not) and just slamming a product that works fine for many people is just not cool. I’m done with this conversation, but if anybody needs help, I will see what I can do. After many years as a Rapidweaver user, I am just learning my Blocs chops. There have been a few bumps, but I am excited with what i can do here with Blocs/Pulse CMS.

and the link to the above live “Blocs/Pulse” page here -

oh and just for “proof of concept” I added a test blog to the website - which took all of 5 minutes to create


I’ve got a demo here and what PulseCMS said to do on their forum did not work. I went thru this about 3 times, erasing everything, apply a class, I got the same result every time. So I started looking at the pages folder in the content folder. On a hunch, I backed up blog.txt and copied home.txt to blog.txt. My thought here was when I clicked next in the blog, it went to blog.txt for the next page format.

Well, my copy of home.txt would now be what I go to when I clicked on next in the blog. And it works perfectly.

However, for a template exported from blocs that should work with pulse, I keep finding I have to do these work-a-rounds and it takes a lot of time.

But having said that, I now have a couple of sites up and running with pulsecms and it’s working pretty well. The blog was the most time consuming thing I’ve tried to do. But it looks like I thought it should. Maybe Blocs can work up a fix in a future release that just makes this work. Seems like a simple fix.

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