Blogger template in an existing website?

There is a blogger template ( in the store. What about if you want to integrate this blogger site into an existing site. That means you have a Menu point and want to go to the blogger page?


I’m the creator of Blogger template. You can install this or any template to the Page Library using BEX files provided. There is a BEX file for each page. When you create a new page in your Blocs project, just select the page in Page Library.

Make sure to check all the links in your current project, so they link to the proper page.

If you need personal help with Blocs Templates, you can contact me directly here.


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Can I ask - Eldar - this is obviously a lovely template, but more expensive than Blocs!

I merely want to import my blogger blog into a page.

Was easy in rapid weaver and now I am regretting my dive across to Blocs…

Obviously if I need to get the template and it will update from blogger like I used to have then fine… but currently pricey.


Blogger template requires you to manually update and manage all pages. It doesn’t provide any CMS or automatic syncing functionality, so I think it’s not what you are looking for.

I am in a similar situation. I have used Eblogger on my site up till now in RW and now I’m using Blocs. I saw this article and wondered whether this is feasible, And if not, then when you mention "You can install this or any template to the Page Library using BEX files provided. " does that mean you can actually use your Blogger template within, say, the “Church” template? Or am I grabbing the bull by the wrong horn?

Thanking you

Hi @Mitaka,

I am not sure what Eblogger is, but I guess it is some blogging platform. Blogger template is not related to any blogging platform like Google’s Blogger. I guess it might be confusing to some, because the name is the same, but I named it Blogger, because this is the template for people who want to try and manage their blogs in Blocs.

If you go to Mastering Blocs 3 course Blogging with Blocs section, you can see a series of videos, where I explain in detail how to use Blogger template, and why I have created it the way it is.

Yes, you can install any page from Blogger template to Church template. But once again, installing the page will not bring the CMS functionality to Church.

Hope it makes it clear for you! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thank you. Yes, I have worked through the “Blogging” section in “Mastering Blocs 3”. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “the CMS functionality” but I guess I can probably work round the problem somehow. Your “Blog” is certainly too detailed for our needs. Lol

I mean that you still need to open Blocs and add new pages when you want to add a post to your website.

If you need help modifying the Blog for your website, send me an email and I will help you.

Have a great evening!