Blogs, Bookings & payments

Hey all

I bought Blocs a while ago and haven’t used it much tbh, but a couple of clients are asking for things that I can’t currently do in my current web builder (Bootstrap Studio), so I’m taking another look at Blocs, but also considering RapidWeaver or others such as Pinegrow. (There are so many!)

So, in Blocs, can I add a user-editable blog, an online booking system (for classes etc.), and a payment option? if not, what workarounds are available?

I think these features are readily available in Rapidweaver (albeit at an expense), so it might be that I jump ship in the short term and wait for Blocs to brew.

I’m kind of lazy, so need things to be easy. There are so many options right now, so I need to make sure I invest the time into the right one.

Any advice on what I can accomplish in Blocs Vs other web builders would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Oblique, I’m no expert, but here goes:
Blog- Purchase VoltCMS, it’s made to go with Blocs, gives very decent control over the site in areas you choose to be edited when constructing the site, now has a Blog capability, so double bonus. Third bonus is that it’s a one-off payment, so once purchased, you can use it on as many sites as you like.
Booking system - not directly in Blocs, but I think @hendon52 has been commenting on another thread concerning this topic.
Payment - That’s never really an inbuilt feature in web programmes, so the only experience I’ve had is using Ecwid. It’s very easy to set up and integrate into Blocs, and depending which version you go for, it may have the option of a booking calendar within it, so worth checking out first.
Hope that’s of some help at least.
Best of luck.

As @TrevReav says, VoltCMS is probably your best choice when it comes to adding a blog function in Blocs. There are other options available, but they usually come in at a higher cost than Volt.

For booking systems, I don’t think there is a blocs-specific solution, but there are plenty of third-party scripts that can be integrated into blocs. The one I use is THIS ONE which works quite well and does most of the things you may need. It also includes multiple payment gateways as well as things like SMS notifications. If you want to see it working in a live site take look at a site recently developed HERE

That’s great, thanks for your replies. I didn’t realise Volt CMS has a Blog capability now, that definitely make is more attractive. It sounds like I might be able to do everything I need in Blocs after-all!