Bloomerang Payment Forms

Hey all! I’m posting here as a last resort. I have a client I am building a new site for and they use Bloomerang to process donations. I have taken the embed script from bloomerang and added it to the site. However, I can’t get the form to load. It keeps getting a 401 from the Bloomerang server.

I reached out to Bloomerang support and they were completely unhelpful. They even verified the embed code on the page was correct, but still say the problem isn’t with their script. They are saying it must be something blocking the javascript on my side. I don’t see that anywhere, but I’m not great in the whole debugging/ console side of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The site the donation form is on is: test

There is a standard blocs form with reCaptcha below the embedded donation form to verify that reCaptcha is working on the site (a requirement of Bloomerang)

Here is a screen share of what I see: Bloomerang Donation Form Error

Thanks in advance.


The result that the .js gives you is:

{“Message”:“The requested resource does not support http method ‘GET’.”}

It is not supporting the GET method, Gloomerang should have a FAQ on how to build the integration in HTML, it should ask you for minimum requirements to be able to call it, it is not so easy to be able to integrate them, because it is not a .js, it is an API in my point of view, there should be more technical detail than those of Gloomerang, that is my point of view, you must request the complete integration manual, it is not just copy/paste, I don’t know if I understand myself.

When you call Apikey directly, you insert it directly into the URL, something that is not happening with the form you have.