Bonus tutorials from Blocs Master

Here is one brilliant tutorial that our friend @Eldar has put together. This is one of the many hundreds he has made for us. You are missing out if you have not purchased his tutorials and templates. Thank you, my friend :grinning:

Part 6. Bonus Videos

6-1. DIV Container Bric
6-2. Styling Dropdown Menus
6-3. Class Editor - Flex
6-4. Class Editor - Positioning
6-5. Vertical Menu - Part 1 - Flex & Position
6-6. Vertical Menu - Part 2 - Body Classes
6-7. Continuous Scroll FX
6-8. Class Editor - Filters
6-9. Class Editor - SVG
6-10. Carousel Bric
6-11. Class Editor - Shadows


Thanks for kind words! I really appreciate your support over the years!

I am also sharing more free tutorials on my YouTube channel