Bootstrap 5 update - Card Designer, Tab Anything + more

Bootstrap 5, In-app Updates & More

The extensions listed below have now been updated to work with Bootstrap 5. Also in-app updates are added to these brics. Additional info can be found here.

  • Card Designer 1.5
  • Media Query for Blocs 1.1
  • Tab Anything & Tab Anything Pro 1.6
  • Read More 1.3
  • Scroll FX Extra 2.1
  • TextBloc 2.1

Refreshing Brics

Now that Blocs has the ability to update the extension’s “Resources” without disturbing the HTML or settings, we can make better updates, leaving our design or settings as-is while updating the underlying scripts! (right click/control + click)
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 7.01.40 PM

The feature is new to Blocs, so I recommend only updating when you have the time to resolve any issues that might come up, although . Not when you have a tight deadline to make, just to be safe.

In-App Updates

After you’ll updated, you’ll see update notifications going forward when they become available.

Get the Updates (free)

You can download the updates from your library. Log in using the same email you purchased with. Reset password if you’ve never logged in since your initial purchase. Note, the Everything Bundle has been updated as well.


That’s great news and I’ve been waiting for these. Just wondering why these need to be updated through Gumroad, rather than the extension manager?

Just logged in and you have two entries for Tab Anything Pro, but neither is labelled as 1.6 when you click inside them. The others look more straightforward.

Edit: All fine except textbloc, which is still downloading 2 rather than 2.1.

Following the manual install from Gumroad the extension manager is telling me there are updates to brics that are already installed and they are the same versions. This is happening with Card Designer and Media Query every time Blocs 3 or 4 opens. This seems to be a recurring glitch with Blocs.

You have to have a version installed that supports “in-app” updates. So this will be a manual install while future updates can be through extension manager.

Sounds like switching between the 2 versions of Blocs is where Norm may need to check. I’ve walked away from in-app updates before due to similar issues, but this time I’m just going to wait them out until things are fixed.

I’m guessing there’s a smaller group of users that switch between Blocs versions 3 and 4. Hopefully it can be addressed in future Blocs betas.

I don’t actively use Blocs 3 nowadays, but I keep it around just in case I have to update an old site and don’t want to migrate it just to change three words. This happened before I had updated the brics in Blocs 3 but perhaps we can wait to see what others find.

From what I can tell Gumroad is still downloading the old version of Textbloc and the file info in finder shows that it was last modified in October 2020.

I’ve updated Textbloc just now to 2.1

Thanks for the heads up!

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It’s still showing the old version and I tried with another browser just to make sure it wasn’t a cache issue. I know Safari is prone to that with zip files.

Edit: Now it’s fixed.

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@Norm Those custom bric update issues are happening again with notifications to update versions that are already current in a never ending cycle. It’s happening here with media Card Designer, Textbloc and Media Queries.

I’m getting this error on a site I used card-designer on. And now the links on the cards don’t work anymore:

Hi all - I have card designer working great on an old version of blocs but the latest blocs it does not work well - even in BS4 - I take it this update will work in both latest blocs BS4 & 5.

I’m a little confused - do u download from Gumtree? - sorry! And how you all finding the update? Card designer is a huge part of my blocs usage so hoping this works!

Is this with BS4 or 5?

This will be a job for @Whittfield

You were sent an email with the download & license info, use that and you will be able to get the latest.

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Cheers - yours working ok? In BS4 too?

All of the Bric from worked for me. I too did not know how to get the updates, that when I looked in my past emails.

Both. But @Whittfield already helped out.

Fab - thanks all.

Just updated the Card designer and on one of my projects the card was messed up - so I removed them all and re-designed it all again and now its working good.

@Whittfield I am still having issues with updates apparently being available for textbloc and media query inside the extension manager, which is announced every time Blocs restarts, however there are no updates. Any progress on resolving this?

The other minor issue to fix is the store ID. If I search for brics in Blocs it tells me they are available on the store, even they are already installed.

Further down that thread Norm said the Bric ID’s in the Blocs store don’t match the Brics ID and that is why this is happening.

Norm helped me sort this out. I’m resolving it now…

Bottom line… 1.1 is not the same as 1.1.0 :roll_eyes: :joy:


The update is now complete. Those annoying update messages shouldn’t be a problem any longer.

@Flashman in your screenshot it shows that you have Smartnav installed. I think the icons from the store always show up, that’s how it works.