Bootstrap Studio what are the differences?


Hi guys,
I founded this app Bootstrap Studio
i would like to know what are the differences between Blocs and Bootstrap Studio.



Obviously I’m all for Blocs being the creator and I have only used BS studio very briefly, but I’d say Blocs is more user friendly, faster (creating layouts), more intuitive, feels more like a proper desktop app, and in general offers a more Mac-like experience.

I think BS Studio may also require a greater knowledge of the Bootstrap framework than Blocs does, but you would be the better judge of that being the end user.

Others may be able to go into more detail about features etc.

But honestly, my advice is, try both apps and see which is the best match for you. You never know, both may find a place in your Dock!

p.s We also have a way better community than those guys over at BS Studio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The forum is great, friendly and very informatve.


Norm the coding rockstar doesn’t work on Bootstrap Studio, nor does Eldar provide support for it either. Isn’t that enough?

Seriously, give it a go. There’s a reason why we are here and “they” are there.

Norm’s advice is good.


The Blocs Forum is one of the best you will find! The Forum has all levels users. Everyone is so willing to help each other and share many cool items. And @Norm, as busy as he is, has always been there for us.


Thanks Norm!
Yeah, I want user friendly and not coding or as less coding as possible.
Great advice! and yes, I love the Bloc’s forums!!


I have BootstrapStudio and also Pinegrow in addition to Blocs3. I would say that BS demands a good understanding of how to code, how web site structure is created and a thorough understanding of how Bootstrap sites are put together. It always looks good in demo videos and if you play with it you will be initially impressed with the simplicity of how easy it seems to drag great looking stuff onto a page. However, I also find it show stoppingly frustrating to do what should be simple stuff and I am left wondering if it is me or I have found a bug. (It’s probably me).

BS is low cost and worth getting if you want to learn about Bootstrap as it can be a great Codepen type of app, and I could see it being used as a way to create code to add into Blocs.

I think if you have the deep understanding to use BS you would probably go straight to using Pinegrow which demands a lot of time and constant use to get the most out of it.

In short, I gave up on BS and Pinegrow and I no longer pay for the updates to Pinegrow and BS as I see Blocs as being the best way forward for so many reasons.


For me, I find BLOCS more intuitive compared to Bootstrap Studio.
Maybe it’s because I’m more into Bootstrap framework and coding.
I suggest you use more tools including these two and others like Mobirise and Pinegrow.
If you do, please share your final thoughts about all these tools :slightly_smiling_face:


You forgot to mention RapidWeaver and Sparkle :sunglasses:


The Blocs community is the best I’ve experienced ever! :grinning:
The forum has the coolest people :sunglasses: Even the experts who have their own projects are willing to help.


I’ve never tried Sparkle and I try to forget Rapidweaver.