Bootstrap Theme Colours

Hey @Norm,

is there a specific reason, why Blocs is not offering the usage of the bootstrap theme colours (primary, secondary, access… etc.)?

Just wondering…

you can use them just type the class in the class editor in blocs

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You can easily add them in the class manager:

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Right, that’s a good start. And can I change them somehow? Or would I need to overwrite them with the class editor?

just click on the class in the editor and you can edit the class

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


A few years ago I used Foundation where you could set up colours like this in the site style settings, including alternatives for different categories like H1, labels or whatever, then in the side panel you could opt for the first choice or an alternative as needed. That might be useful in Blocs at some point.

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BS5 added a bunch more around colour.

I often will use them eg .text-white or .btn-primary it’s quicker than creating a new class sometimes.

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But aren’t those colors set via sass variables? If I change the .btn-primary color via the class editor, would that not just create another css rules that overwrites the original one?

I’d love to be able to set the primary, secondary and all the other colors once. So that when I apply … be it border-primary or text-primary or bg-primary… they all use the primary color that has been set once. The way it works now, I can add the bootstrap class and then use the class editor to change the color for each xxx-primary class on each own.

What @Flashman said would be really useful, since Blocs makes use of the Bootstrap Framework. Then why not make use of the base colors and adjustments that Bootstrap offers?

That sounds like a feature request. @Norm?

To be fair most people are building using custom classes.

And to override the default colours you using classes anyway.

Fair enough :wink: