Bootstrap themes

I’ve just been looking around for some mockup images of computers and happened to come across some nice looking free Bootstrap themes.

I downloaded one and it’s basically just an index page that comes with an assets folder containing css, images and js. It made me wonder if these themes could be imported into Blocs and subsequently edited.

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That would be pretty handy

Presently Blocs only works within the confines of it’s own structure and scope. It does not presently support Bootstrap fully, etc., and was up until now, never intended to be an editor such as what you described, nor can it be due to those various current limitations.

What further advancements and easy to use development tools that will come in the future for Blocs, only time will tell. But based upon past things I have seen and read I highly doubt that type of wide open editor makes it on the roadmap anytime soon and perhaps more than likely ever? As it would drastically change the scope and intention of the app which @norm set out to build. But sure, anything is possible, and other alternatives will surely emerge as well over time.

Having said that, a simple UI - WYSIWYG visual editor seems too still be many peoples wish as they continue to search and dream for solutions that match their requirements, perceptions, needs and work within the scope and confines of their own talents and understanding. Unfortunately those are broad sweeping requirements and can vary drastically from user to user. It’s impossible to please everyone as with most things in life, likewise it can be a slippery slope for a developer once they set out to try and do so. Especially if that was never the intention. Countless projects have been abandoned due to this very purpose when the scope of an app gets so far out of a developers original intended purpose.

I assume Norm will stay the course for the app he has envisioned and push it further with advancements as each version releases.

Blocs still has vastly tremendous potential, even within it’s own app scope and intention.

Things such as:

  • Full Bootstrap support - even simply full grid support and manipulation would change drastically the types of sites you could build, via user input of the grid structure, nested grids, push-pull and offsetting, custom media quires, etc.,
  • Another option is just switching to complete semantic vanilla HTML5 instead of relying on a framework, yet keeping the scope of the app the same with ease of use
  • Full CSS specification would be another wonderful addition, many simple things are absent presently
  • More integration and simple usage with commonly used CSS and JS libraries
  • More advanced typography editor and options
  • etc.,
  • etc.,

You could go on and on just within the confines of the app and it’s intention of an “ease of use & drag and drop” app. I think that’s Norms intentions from what it seems. I assume Norm will stay the course for the app he has envisioned and push it further with advancements as each version releases, including many surprises to himself and for users along the way.

:wink: But I can’t speak for him, that’s just my personal perception.

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