Bottom of modal remains invisible as scrolling only affects site page SOLVED

Hi everyone

Have a slight issue with one of my (long/large) modals.

Indeed, when the modal is triggered on desktop it appears fine, but when on a MacBook for instance or tablet, it appears impossible to scroll to see the bottom of the modal which has a button.

Indeed, when you scroll only the background moves.

Any ideas how to solve this issue ?

Desktop view:

Tablet view:

Tablet view with scrolling:

Many thanks in advance.


Actually just found out that this cannot work as my modal was already triggered by another modal link.

Explanation and link:

* Bootstrap only supports one modal window at a time. Nested modals aren’t supported as we believe them to be poor user experiences.

Do not agree with poor user experience though :wink:



A possible solution is to dismiss the first one when you open the second one? I can’t understand the content of your screen shots so not sure if that will be a viable solution for you.

The way to do it any way is to add a custom data attribute to the button opening the second modal.

From memory it’s…


And vice versa if you want to return to the first one.

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