I need an explanation please.

As a furniture maker who enjoys making his own website there are several things I don’t understand. I have to work out which are important.

Breadcrumbs are a newer feature in Blocs that help you choose elements in a Bloc. If you take your mouse and click on anything in a Bloc a small black breadcrumb at the bottom of the page will display. It will display all of the element that are in the block you selected.

OK, now how are they useful? Once they are visible you can click on any of the visible breadcrumbs and it will select that element in the bloc.

I’ve added a screenshot that when I click on a carousel (image) in a bloc, the breadcrumb comes up and shows there is a “bloc” “row” “carousel” in that bloc.

Have you ever tried to select a bloc with zero padding, or and image inside a paragraph? Well this is how the breadcrumb helps.

Some other members might be able to add to this but this is the basic breadcrumb use.


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I was using them all the time!!
I thought it may had been related to a site an structure.
I do find it useful as I can pick out elements accurately.