Breakpoints and General Content Width Setting

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Can someone please give me some insights / quick explanation on the general content width found in the project settings vs the breakpoint toggle on the main page? What’s the different?

I’m setting a width of 1440px in the project settings but noticed in the UI for the page breakpoints, the largest is at 1200 -> 992. Does this mean that the largest breakpoint in the main editing window will take on the 1440px setting that I set in the project settings (1440px?) or will it be the default 1200px.?

Project settings:

Main Editing Window:

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It will be the 1440px you set in the project settings. Though 1440px is very wide imho. The width you set there is the space the content will use, unless you set a Bloc to use the full width of the browser.

The breakpoints you can chose from are the default Bootstrap ones. You can read the top one as 992px and above,

Thank you. So basically the 1440px set in the project settings acts as the “container” for blocs elements (ones that are not set to full width) added to the page for the largest breakpoint. And in the MD (991px -> 769px), the container takes on the 991px width as the largest?

Exactly. You can easily see the changes in the edit area when you change the width in the project settings. Given, you’ve already added a bloc and some dummy content :wink:

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