Bric Developers

To all Bric developers.

We are keen to promote your Brics on our Instagram stories. If you would like to promote your Bric, please DM me the following;

  1. A video of your Bric lasting no longer than 60 seconds or a suitable image showing your Bric
  2. A very brief description of what the Bric does (if it is not clear in the video or image)
  3. Your Instagram handle or your name for acknowledgement
  4. A link to your Bric on the Blocs.Store


The dimensions of the video need to be 1920px width x 1080px height.

The accepted video file format is MP4.


Min 960px x 540px

Please see below examples of how the stories will look on Instagram. Example 1 shows an image of the Chart Bric and Example 2 shows a short video of the image comparison Bric.**

CleanShot 2024-01-31 at 13.27.37

Many thanks