BRIC Image Comparison


Good BRIC the “Image Comparison”, but I propose to evolve it one step further:

1.- Possibility of putting a title to each photo highlighting “before” and “after” and thus avoid retouching the photographs to add the title.

2.- have the option of a gallery as can be seen on this web page:




Buen BRIC el “Image Comparison”, pero propongo evolucionarlo un paso mas:

1.- Posibilidad de poner un titulo a cada foto destacando “antes” y “después” y así evitar retocar las fotografías para añadir el titulo.

2.- disponer de la opción de una galería como puede verse en esta pagina web:


Perhaps the text could be added either side of the grab handle to clearly illustrate when you are seeing more of the before or after image as the slider moves.


I personally rather would prefer the editable text on the upper respectively lower image corners to not to obstruct the images.
But there also should be a function of no text. I am using right now the bric not for a comparison but for to demonstrate just 2 different location views and text would be wrong in this specific case.

Anyone know how @Wam has done the 2 small arrows either side of the grab handle?

I’m after something like this - or having a left and right icon in the middle.