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Greetings everyone, I have used this brics in a few places, and I had been using it for the following site HERE since it contains, let’s say, a number of very large pages, and it works correctly. Now when I am using “URL Path”, the folders of that URL are generated eg. /Blog/xxx, that means that when using Brics it does not find the article, since it only looks for what is in the main root or first level, so to speak, and everything that is in a folder is not found:

Captura de Pantalla 2023-06-01 a la(s) 5.44.20 p.m.

when exporting I can edit the paths and add /blog/xxx, to the file, but this causes a big problem, since it is a site that is constantly updated, and editing it manually would take a lot of time.

So I wonder, is there an update for this brics that fixes the search for all root paths like other folders?


I’ve only just recently used the search bric on a client project. But the alternative for this project was using google programmable search. It’s pretty good, and it’s cheap if you want ads removed. Easy approach without using a CMS.

We stuck with the Blocs bric in the end, as it meet the needs of the project. Although I modified the way the list showed.

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I really like bric search, but I’ll also try it to see if it works well.

Although I am still waiting for the above to be added to the brics

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Yeah. Actually I like it too. Good solution.

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I love Site Search bric too! Have used it on many websites in the past. As Pete said, it is actually quite easy to customise the search results window to look like anything you want. Hopefully, it will continue to be improved with updates from @Norm

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Yes, it’s easy to use, to customize, I like this brics and I love putting the brics I buy to use. so any new update is received with great joy.

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Oh I really modified it :joy: not just the look.

and this is when we find out who will give the new update, xD always exceeding the horizon

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Would be cool if you can share the end product, if that’s allowed by the client :+1:t2: Always great to see how people customize default designs!

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@Norm any comments on this topic!

I am very interested in Site Search! Does it work in Japanese?

In theory there shouldn’t be any problem, the search brics is fascinating and functional.

Test it.