[Bug] 'Alternate Image' issue from january still a problem 2.3.1


From my post in January, which thank god i had for reference because I’d forgotten this hell, and the exact same thing happened with a new project. This time it took 5 minutes to fix instead of 5 days…

So i backed everything up, then deleted the gallery html file. Then I did a new gallery page from square one. Everything went perfectly, until I decided to change one of the pictures. It did the wrong pic thing again. However, since everything else was working, and I had just done it, i took a really close look at everything, and found the problem! (one of them anyway) Blocs toggles to alternate image rather than current image if you do that. So that’s how, after a few changes, you end up with a seemingly baffling result to what you were expecting. If you don’t notice, it will switch to alternate image and than stick on that image no matter how many times you change it or clear the assets. Seems like a bug to me, though sort of not now that i know about that unexpected behaviour. Anyway, my gallery is working, now I just have to figure out how to make it “not lightbox” on mobile. I will ask in a new topic.