Do you also have sometimes the impossibility to change a margin/padding value in right frame (no styling interference) ?
Many times I click on X, and when coming back to the object, the value is the one taht was earlier.
And curiously no problem if I put value 0 (not expected).

Is there a way to “force” for X ? Why ? Bug ?

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Sick of it

Ok in Canvas, ok in local, not ok once exported.
Not alone…

Again and again and again having to replace one by one each image… discouraging.

And wtf an image placed in different brics has those "…-1, …-2, …-3, etc) added ?
Btw Blocs doesn’t export images, greaaat. :unamused:

Ok there is clearly something weired with ALT field.

When emptying it, it “reacts” on concerned image in browser.
Don’t know if it is the point with export, but there is effectively something weired with ALT field.
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WOW :flushed: :melting_face:

Plenty of problems with images @Norm sorry.

Sorry for the bad experience.

Would you be able top share a copy of the project file and an exported version before you have made modifications to correct the broken image links please?

Ok just sent you .zip, thx.

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