Build 5.1.3 Stable?

The thread was closed on this Blocs version.
You brave souls who installed 5.1.4…are you having any issues?
I am at 5.1.3…


Rich the Weather Guy

I guess no one is having any issues?

Rich the Weather Guy

Realistically that is going to vary from user to user with every build, OS version, processor architecture and graphics card, not to mention possible file corruptions or other curve balls.

A new release may well be generally stable but have issues for specific users with individual setups. I could tell you it is fantastic or awful, but it tells you nothing on a practical level. The only way for you to know is to test it yourself.

While I agree with what you are saying, I still find it helpful to understand if others are having issues, or not.
I guess I will have to dive in. Gun shy since the V4 to V5 upgrade that knocked me out for weeks.

Thanks Flash…

Rich the Weather Guy

You are already on version 5, so going backwards or forwards a couple point versions should be relatively inconsequential.

As always, make regular backups. I am working with 5.2.0b1, and not just on client work, but my own site!

I usually install updates on my laptop, then transport my site over, see if anything is wonky or not.
I try to keep my master file on my iMac where I work on that beautiful 27" screen. :grinning:

Thanks for the tip.

Rich the Weather Guy