Building an e-commerce site with blocs


Hello there,

Does anyone know if you can build a responsive e -commerce site with blocs?

The Creatives


Yes that is quite possible, though the range of possibilities within e-commerce are obviously highly variable. I will soon be rebuilding a site I created in Rapidweaver using Blocs 3 to sell digital downloads with billing through Fastspring.


Hello @1-2-4, for a simple shop you can integrate Paddle, there also exists a bric from @InStacks.

Some stores like ecwid can be added using the html bric in Blocs


It would be nice if there was either some documentation or how to videos for the Paddle Checkout Bric.


I have also used Blocs with Gumroad, which was pretty simple I recall, unlike FastSpring that is more flexible, but very fiddly. I think Blocs will run just about any billing system out there. The rest is up to the way you design it.