Building forms in Blocs

Although beyond retirement age, I do a fair amount of digital art and illustration, and am working on a website in Blocs, in the hope that I may sell a few pieces. Very reluctant to give a phone number on my site, but am happy to share an email address. In addition, I thought a simple enquiry form may be useful, but can’t really find any help topics to build forms - even on Eldar’s tutorials. Any idea Ladies and Gents will be helpful. Just a simple enquiry form, directed to an email address is all that’s needed.
Many thanks all

There is already a standard form bric in Blocs. Go to the Brics library and search “form”.

I’ve not attempted to customise it, so not sure how much you can change from standard.

Thank you SteveB - must have missed the bric - my head somewhere else!

Hi Tony,

I believe you have my tutorials for Blocs 3. There are multiple tutorials covering forms there.