Button disappearing on hover in nav bar 2.6 build 7 beta

Hi guys so have 2 projects on the beta 7 that I’m working on and on one the button disappears once you hover over it and on the other one it works fine, I can’t pinpoint what makes this behavior I thought it was the button class but then I checked and when I take it out of the nav bar it works again so only when I place it in the nav bar it disappears on hover please anyone.

and no I cant start a new project it’s too much work, thanks so much everyone

Do you have any custom classes inside the navbar with a variable on hover? Perhaps a colour set at 0%?

If not I’m thinking this is a bug. You might learn something by opening the project in a web browser and then inspecting the element inside the web developer.

Thanks for the input, but no I don’t have any class on it and I didn’t see anything strange in the browser

Have you published the web page? I would send in a support request detailing the issue and perhaps include the project file for examination. https://cazoobi.freshdesk.com/support/login