Button hover colour change



I am trying to get the mouse button to change colour when mouse pointer hovers over it but can not get this done. any help would be awesome.


Hi @needatechie

You may want to have a look at this specific online support information.


If you can’t manage to get it right let me know and I will make a screen recording for you.



Hiya MDS,

Thanks you for link however I have followed the instructions from the link that you sent but sadly I am no further. would you mind sending a screen recording?



Like @MDS mentioned, it is worth to take the time reading about the use of classes.
This is a major and very powerful tool in blocs if you want to optimize your design.
These screenshots for your idea might help:

Create a class, e.g my-hover-button

Than choose “hover” to work on your design

I would also suggest to join @Eldar ´s videos, super helpful for beginners


Hi Karl @pixelwork

Thanks for jumping in while I was busy and assisting @needatechie.



@MDS and @pixelwork thanks guys you have been awesome.