Button interaction

Im trying to replicate what I created in Muse. I want the button to activate viewable copy, please find the screenshot attached to show what Im talking about

Each Bloc has a ‘Visibility’ setting so can be in-visible. A button’s action can be set to toggle the visibility of a bloc. Might that help?

The experts here will be able to say more if this isn’t a sufficient hint.

Hi stokerjohn – As a Muse and Tab Widget user myself, I don’t believe you can achieve all of what this Muse widget provides in Blocs just yet, at least not at the level of the customization, functionality, and styling you’re looking for.

I would be sooo happy to learn otherwise, as this is a big sticking point for me to in order to cut ties with Muse (I’m there with ya!) and fully commit to Blocs.

Blocs is a beautiful UI and has some great features, but its not as ‘mature’ (yet) as Muse in regards to widgets (those that come with Blocs or by 3rd party developers) or what is called brics here in Blocs.

Others have also mentioned the visibility function, and while that may(?) get you 50% down the road to replicating the widget you show (I have a very similar one on my own Muse built website, so I’ve been looking into this as well) it doesn’t provide the full power of the Muse widget.

You can see this topic discussed here: Tab brics please!

You can see the visibility function here: https://help.blocsapp.com/visibility-options/

…though not exactly what you wanted to hear, I hope that’s helpful!

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Much of what you say is true. I would like to point out a few observations though.
I was involved with Muse starting way back in 2011.
7 years later it’s being discontinued.
Muse got a lot of critisms about the code bloat, poorly written code( it does matter how code is written but too much to get into here)
Muse had bugs that never got fixed or fixing one bug introduced another. I kept hearing how “young” of an app it was.
I’ve been following Norm’s progress with Blocs for just one year or so.

Not only does Norm react maturely and intelligently to critism he gets things done. He listens to not just his current customers he listens and responds to potential customers. I don’t think in the last two years I’ve seen one harsh response from Norm. Very professional.

Now over at Adobe …sheesh! I got a call from the project manager a few years ago about my critisms over Muse. I also saw how a few forum members were allowed to be the “face of Muse” just like over at the Dreamweaver forum. Not good PR. Or customer service. This was all with a “team of 12-15 people supposedly! Norm obviously works tirelessly at making his app first rate. For the most part this app and forum is a breath of fresh air.

Norm personally responds ( not that I would expect that forever but pretty cool) to your questions and critisms. You don’t get any …No …”I’ll get with the team” …what a joke that is and was at Adobe.
This isn’t exclusive to Muse. It’s like what happened to Dell. If you are old enough you know what I’m talking about.

Norm has single handed,y gotten more done with Blocs than Adobe did with Muse in 7 years!
If this is any indication of his passion and where where Blocs can go…I’d put money on Norm. There certainly is room for improvement. At least he doesn’t blow you off as if he is God like they do at Adobe …
Just food for thought. Tech does change constantly so no quarantees here but the people do make a big difference …having run several different companies over my lifetime with 200 people or more to small businesses…Norm and his Blocs app look promising to me. I think he’s going to need help soon so he doesn’t burn out.


@HMM Well said. Your observations are key to web creation tools moving forward and being successful and sustainable.

HMM – Forgive me if you felt I was doing a comparison with Blocs & Muse at-large…my response to stokerjohn was to clarify what he can expect at this time with Blocs given his newness to Blocs; and so was focused only on what he asked and wants to achieve with Blocs. Since I had to learn this myself, as well, I sympathized with his question…

And, it’s also so wonderful that you continue to express your appreciation for Norm and this excellent community, as both wholeheartedly deserve it! :slight_smile:

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I was just adding my usual $1 worth of info. :wink: Hope you find a good fit for what you need. What makes you happy…That’s what counts…

Hi guys

Many thanks DanielF37m for your help. Im slowly leaving Muse behind, I have one final project with that software to complete which is nearing its end, then I can fully focus own Blocs, which is an amazing piece of software, a nice balance between code and visual design.

Being a graphic designer/front end web designer from the beginning, understanding how to code has been quite tricky, I used to help manage a team of coders at my old agency and they blew my mind.

They would leave the visual design to me I would certainly leave the coding to them however we all would learn solutions and work arounds so the client in the end would get what they want.

This is why Im encouraged by the community here on Blocs. There is no judgment on what you know, there are just solutions and help which is a credit to Norm and the other Bloc members, as HMM has stated it’s far more friendly, professional and user centric than the behemoth that is Adobe.

Many thanks to your feedback here guys and will continue to learn Blocs as well as understand code more.



Thanks HMM!

Great to hear…I kind of went out on a limb or soapbox I guess…but I think it’s true. Yes…so far my experience has been more mature non condescending helpful people here. Willing to listen without being gatekeepers or defenders of the app itself.

Over at Adobe there are self appointed individuals that feel they need to attack anyone who makes a complaint or criticizes the app…that’s the most helpful info in improving something usually. I want to hear from customers or potential ones that are questioning something…vigorously…