Button to nav item dropdown menu

Hi Norm,

Building a website with 2 dropdown menu’s in top menu.
Now when I create buttons in the content and want to link these to an item from a submenu this is not possible.
Then I have to create a hard link URL.

Is this a possible fix for the Menu manager?



I’m not sure I fully understand

Hi Norm,

let me try again, wasn’t clear enough.

In the website I have created a top menu with in the menu 2 dropdown (menu’s) items.
As this is the way to create drop downs.

Somewhere in the page I have placed a button that I want to link to a sub item in one of these
dropdown menu’s.

But when you select a button and go to the link options you get a few options under interactions;

navigate to page (only main menu items)
open dropdown (but this create a dropdown below the button)
scroll to target
submit form
toggle visibility

But no option to select one of the sub menu items from the created dropdowns within the menu manager.

Hope this is clear.