Button's position from a script given

I have a script to integrate a button and would like to have it in the middle instead of on the left.
As I don’t code I don’t know what to change.

Book an appointment with English teacher (web)

Do you know, what I should change in the script?

Thank you

If the button is embedded into your page, there should be some styling options within the code. Maybe you can post the code so we can take a look. One thing you could do first is to place the button code inside a div and then centre the div.

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Hi @Muppet Just create a DIV container in a column, center in the right panel and insert the code widget into the DIV container. This should do the trick.

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Thanks. It works perfectly.

Yes. Sorry, I copy-pasted the code, but forgot that it would show the result and not the code :grin:
Anyway, the DIV container solution works perfectly. So, I fixed it already.
Thanks for the support.

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