Can a project file be recreated with exported files as I lost my project file due to System Crash

Dear Team,
I lost my project file due to System Crash. But I have the exported files which are hosted on the server. So my question, is it possible to recreate project file from the exported file or there is no option but to re create the project again.

We can only assume based on your question you have no TimeMachine / Back up or were not using iCloud to sync your files.

Your only other option is to remake the Blocs Project.

But maybe before you start that, sort out some sort of backup process so it doesn’t happen again.

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Thanks for your reply, will give a try.

If you can pull your files down from the server, you may be able to salvage more than you think.

Rich the Weather Guy

I think many of us have experienced this time consuming and frustrating trial. Not sure if you set Blocs to backup every so many minutes, if you did you may have good news. I hope you get some relief when you get restored.