Can Blocs do this without the aid of JS?

I really like this effect on scroll. Can Blocs do this without the aid of JS? It begins at “Tangem is redefining the wallet experience by delivering…”

You can do something similar to that with pure CSS.

It’s actually an effect I have on my new Blocs Builder website I haven’t finished yet.

Kevin has a tutorial on his YouTube channel. A channel I link to on my resources page. Well worth subscribe too.

By the way. No help in adding it to blocs. Everything you need is there :grin:

This web developer comes off like he doesn’t know CSS, but is learning as he plays. In reality this guy knows his stuff.

Once you know the foundations, and most importantly developed the mindset / thought process that goes with it, it becomes easier to figure things out. He gets stumped at times too. But CSS is his speciality.

Critical thinking / problem solving skills are vital for web development. Website builders only take you so far. understanding is key. No masters, just life long learners :smile:

I’ve learnt a lot from his videos.

Amen! :pray::pray: