Can I Add a custom Web Font ( Not Google font)

I want to use a custom web font but don’t see how ??
please help

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@Ofel1 Hi,

Check out Blocs Guy’s tutorial on adding Google Fonts.

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Thanks for the help but I know how to add google fonts I need to add other web fonts

Other… like?

I’m assuming like any font that isn’t available through Google. For example, a while back I purchased a web font called Muller, but I cannot use it at present with Blocs. Having the ability to use self hosted fonts is high on my wish list for Blocs.


You can buy an unlimited number of unique webfonts at MyFonts.

Yes i know but how can you use them on blocs?

good question. how do you manually upload a font on blocs without using google fonts?

Much appreciated.

I’m also looking for a solution to add fonts without using Google Fonts. There are a number of amazing free fonts on the internet, but thus far, if it’s not on Google Fonts I can’t use any of then - sad face. Any solution would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

I am also looking for these possibilities, I switched from Sparkle which has many pro (and of course also cons) that could handle self hosted fonts with onboard technology. It would be super much appreciated to have this feature!!

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Here’s a way to do it, though it wont be visible within Blocs. It will only display after you’ve exported the project.

  1. Open textEdit or similar.
  2. Copy/paste the following:

@font-face {
font-family: “YourFontName”;
src: url( format(“truetype”);
h1 { font-family: “YourFontName”, sans-serif }

**Note - You will need to define which tags the custom font will apply to.

  1. Save the file as “Whateveryouwant.css”
  2. In Blocs, go to Page > Settings.
  3. Click “+” @ “File Header Attachments” section.
  4. Locate “Whateveryouwant.css” and click done.

If done properly, when you export your project and load it, the custom font will be applied to the tags you defined.


also it’s useful to add .woff and .eot font files

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