Can I create a wordpress website with Blocs?

As a newcomer, I notice WordPress mentioned as an additional addon priced at $50. How does this integration function? How can Blocs assist me with WordPress, and what benefits can I expect? Rest assured, I’ll be thoroughly reading all the posts here.

Hi @AlbertKinng ,

You can definitely create WP websites with Blocs. I’ve done a few already from scratch and others, were originally in RW, and I redesigned them in Blocs Plus to create WP Theme.

Here’s a couple:

I have more examples if you need.

I’d be happy to help, if you have any questions.




You can, what you will be building is a Wordpress Theme, the logic and thinking is a little different from building with a CMS such as Volt.

I’d recommend watching these videos (the UI may be a little different in places due to the older age of the videos).


Nice websites @Ricardo

Do you always use blocs/wordpress or ever blocs by itself?

Also is this for ease of clients updating themselves, or a personal preference?

I have not done a WP project via Blocs as yet, so just seeing reasons etc!


I like that Van moving across the screen as you scroll down.
Nice effect.

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Mostly using Blocs Plus with Wordpress for final products. For many reasons really, there is a demand, clients pay more, and the residual payment for WP management and hosting are better. But also with well created theme, the client can do updates, create new pages and we keep control of the design. If well crafted, Blocs can turnout some awesome themes.

Blocs by itself for quick mockups to show concepts to clients.

The advantage of using Blocs to develop themes is that we can put a lot of bells an whistles on the pages developed with Blocs, and as such we can keep the website clean with as few plugins as possible.

@Norm will be adding some needed WP features in future releases of Blocs, that are going to make it an ever more powerful tool for WP development. For example sort options in the query loop. Checkout the thread “Blocs 2024 - New Features Suggestions”.


It was a last minute idea I had, because we had to change the main page design, due to the way the client was going to setup his shop.

I like it too :grinning:

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I am amazed! Thanks for sharing.