Can I open a MUSE project in Blocs, or how can I import it?

I want to switch from MUSE Adobe to Blocs.

Can I open a muse project in Blocs, or can I import the muse project. It was a lot of work to build my website in Muse.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @kat,

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No, presently you can not just import a site. But depending on your site(s) design and features, with Blocs you can easily rebuild them in most cases with Blocs approach of quickly building sites without code. You can see some examples of sites built with Blocs at the following link:

Do you have a link to your site you can share, so we can evaluate it ?

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HI, I dont think it might be so easy, as my website has a lot of content.

Hi Kat

That is one of the biggest Muse sites I have seen - I feel for you!
I have been re-creating one of my clients pre-production site through Blocs (only 7 pages) and have found Blocs really great although I’m now limited to a grid canvas but I’ll get over it. The app is really fast (leaves Muse behind in the dust) and intuitive so the learning curve is very reasonable!

I’m not trusting Adobe any further with what is remaining of Muse - even the typekit is mucking up & BC is having issues so I think we have months before Adobe says whoops Creatives somehow Muse is kaput! :frowning:

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In your case that may be so in a few ways, but still pretty easy overall. :wink:

Of course please understand, Muse will continue working for the next year, and perhaps beyond. The sites it creates will remain working even beyond that in many cases, unless your also using Business Catalyst.

But the Muse app itself is End Of Life (EOL) so I understand why people are concerned and looking for alternatives, rightly so.

I suspect at some point you will want to rebuild it away from being Muse based and move on.

I looked the site over, and there are a few things that may need some extra work, but overall Blocs could easily rebuild that site. Most of it would easily transfer over. You may have to use the HTML Bric for some of the features, but in general it could be reproduced just fine in Blocs. Existing text and images, etc., can be easily be used, its just the re-structuring of content in Blocs.

Are there certain features or pages you are most concerned with? If so please point them out.

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I will doublecheck and come back.

You’re welcome, I also see Adobe extended the period a little for EOL of both Muse and BC.

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